The infamous, tragic heroes go head-to-head in a full-throttle exploration of the dirty deeds that lead to their demise and the inevitable repercussions.  Smile & be a Villain is a 50/50 split between Hamlet and Macbeth allowing students to gain a comprehensive perspective of both plays and the ability to compare and contrast the bad boys, their motives and their actions.


English Links | Shakespeare’s Tragedies, Relevance, Re-contextualising, Comparison

Drama Links | Shakespeare, Multimedia Theatre, Re-contextualising, Ensemble

Plays | Hamlet, Macbeth




Metro/Sunshine Coast/ Gold Coast/ Toowoomba | Term 1 -4
Far North QLD/ Central QLD/ Wide Bay | Term 2 & 3
Northern NSW| Term 1 & 2

Space requirements | 7 x 7 m space (in-door with power)

Performance Price| $7.70 per student (inc. GST)
Minimum performance fee of $1155 applies (150 students inc. GST)


Coming soon!

Grades | 10 – 12
Duration | 50 min + Q&A
Available | Term 1 – 4