The transition from primary to secondary is often one of the most difficult moments in a young person’s life. Everything familiar changes and teachers, friends and favourite lunch time hang-outs disappear in a flash. In their place are a new clique of friends, a new timetable, new teachers and a whole new set of rules that sometimes have to be learnt the hard way. But this transition can also be a time of new beginnings, new opportunities and life changing experiences if you stake your ground and embrace it.

Personal Development Links | Consequences of Actions, Change, Peer Pressure, Bullying

English Links |  Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Digital Narratives

Drama Links | Multimedia Theatre, Magical Realism, Brecht, Ensemble

Metro/Sunshine Coast/ Gold Coast/ Toowoomba | Term 1 -4
Far North QLD/ Central QLD/ Wide Bay | Term 2 & 3
Northern NSW| Term 1 & 2

Space requirements | 7 x 7 m space (in-door with power)

Performance Price| $7.70 per student (inc. GST)
Minimum performance fee of $1155 applies (150 students inc. GST)

Terror 16 Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.8 based on 8 reviews
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5 5 1
I loved this show! It was hilarious and it really helped me with my fears and worries about high school.


5 5 1
Greatest show I've ever seen! So entertaining! Loved it and would see it again 1000 times more!

Extremely Entertaining

5 5 1
When I first heard about the show 'Territorial' and what it was about, I though maybe it was just aimed at little kids. That's not true at all. The actors, directors etc. that were involved made the performance entertaining for all year levels and I was very impressed with the overall production. I can't wait to see future performances and maybe even get the chance to work with them. 🙂

So Awesome

5 5 1
At first I didn't know anything about Shake And Stir until they came to my school, and I enjoyed the show. It was so awesome! ★★★★★


5 5 1
This show was so funny. I really loved it. Thank you for coming to our school, we had lots of fun.


4 5 1
I thought the show was awesome!

Love this show

5 5 1
Every time Shake and Stir come to the school, I get so excited!


5 5 1
This is one of the funniest shows ive seen at school! I loved the screen actors too.
Grades | 7 & 8
Duration | 50 min + Q&A
Available | Term 1 – 4