What starts as just another boring day for George quickly turns into a marvellous experiment of epic proportions! Cleverly adapted from the much loved book by Roald Dahl, George’s Marvellous Medicine bounds off the page in a spectacular live show for the whole family.

On a good day, George can’t stand his Grandma. She complains all the time, she’s mean and she smells funny. On this particular day, Grandma is much more annoying than usual and George has had enough. “George – make me a cup of tea! George – rub my feet! George – stop growing!” Ugh. Wanting to put an end to her constant nagging, George creates a special medicine, greater than any medicine in the history of the world. What he doesn’t expect is that this medicine may actually work – just not in the way he thinks…

The award-winning team behind the multi-Helpmann Award nominated Australian production of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes & Dirty Beasts brings you this brand-new stage adaptation from the wacky mind of the World’s No. 1 Storyteller. Direct from a sold-out season at the Sydney Opera House, George’s Marvellous Medicine is packed to the rafters with mischief, music, magic and mammoth laughs. Just remember – do not try this at home!

Ages 6 – 106 (Grandparents beware)

Adapted for the stage by shake & stir theatre co

Visit the Official Roald Dahl Website, which is packed with information and up to date news from the World of Roald Dahl,
by clicking through to roalddahl.com


Director: Ross Balbuziente
Designer: Josh McIntosh
Sound Designer: Guy Webster
Lighting Designer: Jason Glenwright

Featuring: Johnny BalbuzienteLeon Cain, Tim Dashwood, Nelle Lee and Nick Skubij

Production Manager: Mark Middleton
Stage Manager: Tenneale Rogers
Head LX: Simon Hardy
Assistant Stage Manager: Maddison Penglis

“This is one of the best kid’s theatre shows we’ve seen in a very, very long time.” Kid Town Melbourne
“Yet another success for acclaimed theatre company shake & stir.”  The Sunday Mail
“George’s Marvellous Medicine is the best show I’ve seen in recent memory.  Not the best kids’ show, the best show.”  SeeSaw Magazine
“shake & stir, have carefully distilled all the wonder, whimsy and charm of the original text into a live-action production that truly captures the essence and playful innocence of the story.” Scenestr
“★★★★★ shake & stir have created a kid’s paradise on stage.” Broadway World

“This vivid stage adaptation pulls out a grab-bag of visual surprises and inventive stage magic that audiences will delight in. A bright ensemble performance captures all the mischief and grotesquerie of Dahl’s imagination, with larger-than-life characters and precisely choreographed sense of mayhem. George’s Marvellous Medicine will enchant children as much as the many of us who read it when we were kids.” The Age

“The hour sped by in a blur and the show left the audience wide-eyed and cackling with incredulous laughter.” Theatre Press



4 April | Laycock St Theatre, Gosford | BOOK NOW

6-7 April | Riverside Theatre, Parramatta | BOOK NOW

11 April | Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre | BOOK NOW

13-14 April | Dubbo Regional Theatre & Convention Centre | BOOK NOW

27-28 April | Merrigong Theatre, Wollongong | BOOK NOW

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4-5 May | Orange Civic Theatre | BOOK NOW

8-9 May | Wagga Wagga Civic Theatre | BOOK NOW

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1 August | Manning Entertainment Centre, Taree | BOOK NOW

2 August | Glasshouse Theatre, Port Macquarie | BOOK NOW


11 May | Frankston Arts Centre | BOOK NOW

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22 June | Hamilton Performing Arts Centre

25-29 September | Playhouse Theatre, Arts Centre Melbourne | BOOK NOW

2 October| Karralyka Centre, Ringwood | BOOK NOW


28 May | Devonport Entertainment & Convention Centre | BOOK NOW

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5 October | Nautilus Arts Centre, Port Lincoln | BOOK NOW


8 October | Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs | BOOK NOW

12 October | Darwin Entertainment Centre | BOOK NOW






Novel Study


Design Elements


Transformation of Text

Children’s Theatre

Ensemble Theatre

Magical Realism

Set Design



Critical & Creative Thinking

Personal & Social Capability

Ethical Understanding


Through shake & stir’s unique approach to storytelling your students will witness a performance of Children’s Theatre, Ensemble Theatre and Magical Realism helping to deepen their understanding and providing an excellent example of how a text can be transformed for the stage. With striking & transformative set, lighting and sound design and clever manipulation of the elements of performance/drama, this production promises to engage and inspire your students.

COMPREHENSIVE TEACHER’S RESOURCE KIT with pre and post classroom activities, compiled by shake & stir’s Education Manager Naomi Russell is available for all school bookings.