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Sometimes the arrival of death isn’t the tragedy.

Sometimes, the tragedy is that death doesn’t arrive quickly enough. 

So is the case for Hamm, Clov, Nagg and Nell, four lost souls contemplating the inevitable arrival of their end. Isolated in a non-descript room, each reflects on their life’s journey as they grapple to find meaning in meaningless world. Amidst the darkness comes unexpected moments of sheer joy, poignantly reminding us of Beckett’s ridiculously accurate observations of the resilience and mortality of the human condition. 

Endgame paints a tragically comic portrait of lives lived, loathed and lost; hoping for answers in a world without hope. 

shake & stir theatre co’s award-winning creative team, led by Director Michael Futcher (Dracula, 1984, Animal Farm, Tequila Mockingbird), are joined by some of Queensland’s most accomplished actors to serve up this deliciously dark comedy guaranteed to have you in stitches while simultaneously gasping at the possibilities of what lies at the end of the road.

“★★★★★ Endgame is a flawless play and a flawless production – I urge everyone to see it” Daily Review




Featuring Leon CainRobert ColebyJennifer FlowersJohn McNeill

Director Michael Futcher
Designer Josh McIntosh
Lighting Designer Jason Glenwright
Sound Designer Guy Webster

“★★★★★ Endgame is a flawless play and a flawless production – I urge everyone to see it” Daily Review
“★★★★½ A first rate production of a classic work.” ArtsHub
“Regardless of whether you’re an absurdist expert or simply up to try new things Endgame captures the essence of the theatrical era mischievously, grimly and superbly. AU Review
“There are moments in shake & stir’s Endgame when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s a testament to the mastery of British playwright Samuel Beckett that we feel so conflicted.” The Courier-Mail
“Robert Coleby is a revelation as Hamm. He’s cantankerous one moment, imploring the next, calling on God for help and cursing his existence while occasionally cuddling a pathetically ragged tiny pooch. Coleby is a veteran actor who transforms himself into a curmudgeon with great skill.” The Courier-Mail
“This is serious theatre for those who like to ponder big questions but it’s also absurd enough to be hilarious at times. Director Michael Futcher is a master himself and he has done a wonderful job.” The Courier-Mail
“John McNeill as Hamm’s father Nagg and Jennifer Flowers as Nell absolutely nail it.” The Australian
“If you are one of the lucky audience members who gets a chance to witness this production, it is one of the best homages to the Beckettian name.” Stage Whispers
“The majority of the play follows the scattered dialogue between Hamm, portrayed with an intense brilliance by Robert Coleby, and Clov, played perfectly by Leon Cain. Hamm’s parents, Nagg (John McNeill) and Nell (Jennifer Flowers), portrayed a beautiful non-physical love that could be felt by the back row. Stage Whispers
“shake & stir ensures that their rendition of ENDGAME will linger in the minds of Brisbane audiences long after the short-lived season has closed.” My City Life
“I have to hand it to shake & stir and Michael Futcher, plus an exemplary cast (a formidable quartet of talent); they made Beckett entertaining for me. The production team of designer Josh McIntosh, lighting designer Jason Glenwright and sound man Guy Webster provided yet another brilliant backdrop to a show.” Absolute Theatre


2016 QPAC Season

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