Booking Terms & Conditions

Binding agreement

By checking the box and submitting your booking, you acknowledge that a binding agreement based on the following terms and conditions is formed between your school and Shake & Stir Theatre Co.

Cancellation policy

We understand that certain circumstances can arise resulting in changes to your preferred time/date of your Shake & Stir visit. We will happily attempt to accommodate your changes however Shake & Stir Theatre Co requires a minimum of 28 days notification if a booking needs to be rescheduled or cancelled. In the event that a change to your original booking can NOT be made, the following cancellation fees apply:

50% of minimum performance fee if a show is cancelled within 14 – 28 days of the scheduled date. Or full minimum performance fee if a show is cancelled less than 14 days prior to the scheduled date.

Force Majeure & COVID-19 – Substitution of LIVE performance for VIRTUAL performance

In the event that either Shake & Stir cannot visit your school or your school cannot host our visit due to a Force Majeure, confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or a government ordered lockdown, Shake & Stir reserves the right to substitute your scheduled live performance for a VIRTUAL performance. In this event, you will receive a password to access your performance/s on the VIRTUAL website. Here, you can access unlimited streams of the performance/s for a period of one week. You will be charged a standard minimum performance fee per performance. For more information on shakeandstirVIRTUAL, please visit


Upon receiving your booking, a confirmation letter confirming the time and date of the performance/s will be sent to you. Close to your performance/s date, you will be sent a teachers resource kit containing supplementary materials. Following the performance/s, we will issue a tax invoice. We ask that payments are made within a 7-day term. To discuss alternate payment terms, please contact the Shake & Stir office on 07 3358 6025. Performance Price: $8.90/STUDENT (inc.GST) Secondary minimum performance fee of $1335(inc.GST) applies Primary minimum performance fee of $890 (inc.GST) applies. Masterclass Price: $550 (inc. GST) FOR UP TO 75 MINS 1 Instructor for up to 30 students. Additional time / students / instructors available for additional costs.


Shake & Stir Theatre Co pty ltd carries full public liability insurance. For a copy of our insurance policy, please contact the office on 07 3358 6025.

Blue Cards

All members of the Shake & Stir company carry current blue cards, and have extensive experience working with children. For a copy of Blue Card numbers, please contact the Shake & Stir office on 07 3358 6025.

Personal Information

Any personal information you may disclose online will be kept strictly confidential, however some information may be used for marketing purposes. Shake & Stir Theatre Co pty ltd will not disclose personal identification or contact information to any unauthorised third parties without prior consent.

Accuracy and corrections

All information contained on these pages was true and correct at the time of upload or print. Shake & Stir Theatre Co Pty Ltd reserves the right to adapt or alter any information (including price lists) at any time without notice.


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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07 3358 6025.