Animal Farm

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Animal Farm

All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.

Shake & Stir's acclaimed spin on Orwell's gripping saga is set to storm schools like never before. The rebellion's on at Manor Farm – the pigs now rule and have promised the other animals a life liberated from human abuse. This is physical theatre at its most innovative - 40 animals embodied by three skilful actors, bringing the farm's vibrant and vicious crew into raw reality. Snout-dive into this timely, chilling and unexpectedly hilarious adaptation of Shake & Stir’s acclaimed main-stage production. 

9 – 12

Novel Study, Allegory, Freedom of Expression, Consequences of Actions, Peer Pressure Drama: Unit 3 – Challenge

Theatre of Social Comment, Contemporary Political Theatre, Physical Theatre, Epic Theatre, Ensemble, Satire

Created By

Writer George Orwell
Adaptor Nick Skubij
Director Nick Skubij

Booking Details

50 Mins + 10 Min Q&A

Performance Space 7x7 Indoor With Power
$8.90Per Student (Inc. Gst)
Minimum Performance Fee Applies

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