Me, Myself & AI

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Me, Myself & AI

Ophelia Woolf is not okay. Her boyfriend Hame has taken a vow of silence. Her formal dress is lost in transit. And her Dad doesn’t want her to move to Earth 2.0 after graduation. To make matters worse her iOS is broken and Armageddon has been scheduled for seven days from now. But she’s going to fine. She’s going to be completely fine. Ophelia has to be. There’s no other option. 

ME, MYSELF & AI is a funny fierce examination of hope and expectations struggling against anxiety and disconnection in our age of hyper-connectedness and existentialism. It’s a sci-fi riff on Shakespeare’s Ophelia that’s about finding resolve, discovering your voice, adapting to change and having to be okay with not being okay. Black Mirror meets the Bard in this imaginative and uplifting work from acclaimed playwright Daniel Evans (600 Ways To Filter A Sunset, Opening A Fuzzwollop’s Frame of Mind). 


Personal and Social Capability, Managing Stress, Expectations, Mental Health Awareness, Youth Issues, Consequences of Actions, Individuality, Technology, Critical & Creative Thinking
Drama: Unit 1: Share - Youth Issues Unit 3: Challenge – IA2 Drama in Practice: Extended Response

Multimodal Theatre, Theatre for Social Comment, Contemporary Performance, Epic Theatre, Satire, Hybridity of Form, Didactic 

Created By

Writer Daniel Evans
Director Amy Ingram

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50 Mins + 10 Min Q&A

Performance Space 7x7 Indoor With Power
$8.90 Per Student (Inc. Gst)
Minimum Performance Fee Applies

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