Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet

A tale of two young lovers, trapped in their social roles, struggling to be heard in a world drowning in conflict, intolerance and hate. In this reimagined version, the live action is contrasted against retrospective on-screen interviews with the play’s minor characters allowing these key players to consider what they would have done differently, had they their time again.

When your first true love is also, devastatingly, your last


English: Shakespeare, Play Study, Relevance, Comparison
Drama: Performance techniques, Adaptation, Unit 4- Transform

Shakespeare, Multimodal Theatre, Contemporary Performance, Collage Drama

Created By

Writer William Shakespeare
Adaptor Nelle Lee
Director Johnny Balbuziente
Video & Sound Designer Optikal Bloc

Booking Details

50 Mins + 10 Min Q&A

Performance Space 7x7 Indoor With Power
$8.90 Per Student (Inc. Gst)
Minimum Performance Fee Applies

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